'Screen Free' is about spending more time offline in the real world. It is about balance. We are on a mission.

The Screen Free Project has been raising awareness since 2013. With the influx of computer, mobile phones, tablets, gaming, television and social media's ever-growing accessibility and connectivity, more and more leisure time is spent in front of a screen. Our mission? To support those parents wanting to bravely tackle the often tricky world of balance. We offer some friendly tips, screen-free ideas, research findings and a snap shot of concerns others have, and wins too!

We understand that electronic devices are a valuable part of modern living. Our concern is simply the disproportionate use in many families’ lives, particularly Kiwi kids. 

If you've identified that there may be an imbalance of screen vs non-screen time in your household, you are not alone. While we don't hold a magic wand, often it's as easy as reconnecting with the 'off button' and leading by example: finding interests, hands-on hobbies and activities, exploring, and seeing where those creativity juices lead. We appreciate for some families, it isn't quite that simple.

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Screen Free Project NZ

The detriments of excessive screen time for kids have been identified as a growing global issue and we wanted to address it in NZ. Not only are there health and social issues, there is also the growing absence of hands-on skill, creativity and ‘real world’ play being experienced by youth.

The Screen Free Project welcomes support from organisations and individuals to help to build a network to address the imbalance of screen time play vs ‘offline play’ for NZ children – and positively offer a barrage of fun, family-friendly alternatives instead.

We are delighted to see the green shoots of an uptake at 'grass roots' level.


We welcome our latest network members....

Screening of the “Project Wild Thing” Film

Blockhouse Bay Playcentre in Auckland screened the movie, 'Project Wild Thing' as a fundraiser last year. A great fundraising initiative, we were delighted to be invited to attend and be part of their post-screening panel. Nice work. Who will show it next?

Project Wild Thing Film



Messages of support

PROJECT WILD THING, via FACEBOOK: Thank you for your lovely words. Hope you guys can create a force for good in NZ, as we are doing over here in the UK!

CLAIRE, via FACEBOOK: Fantastic hearing your experiences!

TRACEYLEE, via FACEBOOK — “I have a 6 yr old and almost 2 yr old. We did a screen free week about a month ago and it brought such incredible peace and harmony to our busy home that we decided to continue. It’s been beyond amazing. Our 6 yr old’s teacher asked if anything had changed at hm as he is so much more engaged at school, his concentration has improved and he seemed to be much calmer. Our 2 yr old has discovered the joys of mud and joined in with her brothers imaginative play. It’s amazing. Both kids used to play on an iPad for at least an hour a day. Sibling arguments have ceased since I took it away. We’ll be a screen free family for some time I think.” ...Read more